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Reach The Stars: , Saint-Petersburg

While you can not actually touch the heavenly object at the Novosibirsk Planetarium you can get to know a lot about them and see them clearly with your own eyes.

The far space with its multitude of stellar systems becomes reachable. Astronomic observations at night take place 3-4 times a month, weather permitting. Put on your warm clothes, take your friends with you and be lost in the Universe.

Such evening will precisely be remembered for a long time. You learn where there are constellations of the Northern hemisphere, you will get acquainted with a lunar relief, you will be able to observe visible planets of Solar system and you will open for yourself fogs of the Milky Way.

Planetarium Centre For Children And Teenagers, 1/1 Klyuch-Kamashenskoe Plateau. Phones: 347-77-07, 347-77-11, 347-77-05,

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