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Since times immemorial, magic provoked trembling and anticipation of meeting something mysterious and inexplicable.

In spite of all technical progress the human kind failed completely to solve the most cryptic mysteries. People keep on asking the same questions, like who am I, what is my place in life, how can I be happy, how can I become healthy and rich or where can I find my love.

The Mandragora (Mandrake) shop can help you find the answers and solve the existing problems, reveal one’s hidden abilities and train one in runology and tarotology. The assortment here is extremely rich: amulets, talismans, guarding talismans (oberegs), Tarot cards, books, rituals accessories and much more. Magic is closer than you think.

Mandragora Shop of Magic Goods and Services. 47 Gorsky Micro-District. Phone: 8-913-950-15-84.

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August 2019

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