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Saint Petersburg

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New Museum
29 6th Liniya, V. O.
In Thrall to Colour: Exhibitions, Saint-Petersburg

That is the title of a display that opens at the New Museum on 16 October — an individual exhibition by People’s Artist of South Ossetia and Honoured Artist of Russia Ushang Kozaev.

Contemporary abstract artists are constantly inventing their own versions of “painted abstraction” and alternative interpretations of non-figurative art. Kozaev is no exception: his version of the painted narrative of colours can be called “colour writing”. He started out with landscapes and thematic works in a style that was close to primitivism, but gradually changed direction to abstract painting: in the second half of the 1980s the artist finally made a choice in favour of absolute abstraction and from that moment devoted his large-scale canvases to elements of colour and expressive gestures. Ushang uses colour as a material of painting, elucidating the character of the interaction of different colours: combinations of bright red and yellow especially interest him. However, the artist’s abstract painting does not lose touch with reality — on the contrary, it is bound to reality and dictated by the emotions experienced in living through a particular situation in life.

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