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Belmond Grand Hotel Europe, 1/7 Mikhaylovskaya Ul.
Feast of the Full Moon: Festivals, Saint-Petersburg

One of the most popular feast-days in East and Southeast Asia is Tet Trung Thu (in Vietnamese) or Xhongqiu Jie (in Mandarin Chinese).

It is the Feast of Mid-Autumn, which this year is celebrated on 15 September. The AZIA restaurant is staging a gastronomic festival to mark the event — it begins a little earlier (on 12 September) and lasts for two weeks. Larisa Kordik, the restaurant’s head chef, has included in the special menu “Longevity” soup, fried oysters with tofu sauce, leg of Peking duck in spices and Szechuan-style beef. As a finishing touch to the meal customers will be served traditional “yuebin” moon spice cakes with vanilla ice-cream. While waiting for the dishes it would be nice to recall the old legend connected with the feast-day about the archer Hou Yi, who shot down nine suns and saved the Earth, and about his wife Chang-e, who mistakenly drank the elixir of life that had been given to Hou Yi by the Chinese emperor and ascended to the moon. At the end of the meal, if the weather permits, guests can admire the full moon.

1/7 Mikhailovskaya Ul. T: 329 6000.

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