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“Gatchina” Museum-Reserve
1 Krasnoarmeysky Pr., Gatchina
с 21:00 12.08.2017
по 01:00 13.08.2017
Park of Dreams: Festivals, Saint-Petersburg

This year the traditional “Night of Light in Gatchina” will change its format and will become a festival of lighting art.

On 12 August the Gatchina Park will feature twenty light installations created by Russian and Latvian competitors, as well as twenty objects which are not in the competition, all under the common theme “Park of Dreams”.

The highlight of the festival will be a multimedia production entitled “Sonata of Dreams” on the White Lake. The production, a blend of music, light and dreams by Evgeny Ganzburg, one of the best-known lighting artists in Russia, will end with a colourful firework display.

According to the organizers, the aim is to transform visitors from observers into participants in the festival. As they stroll along the park’s paths they can make their own 3D programme, seek the advice of an acorn, count sheep before sleeping and hear what the “Heavenly Megaphone” has to say.

This year, for the first time, there will be a competition for light installations entitled “Laboratory of Dreams”. The winners will be decided by a jury of experts, while the Audience Choice Prize will be awarded to the winner of an online vote.

Another new introduction in “Night of Light in Gatchina” will be a photograph competition for the audience on Instagram.

The well though-out infrastructure, relaxation areas and food courts run by the festival’s partners will make the night comfortable for every visitor, while illuminated navigation will help them find the way along the park’s most winding paths.

The time of the event is from 9 pm to 1 am.

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