Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

“Russian Seasons” at Bruno’s

“Russian Seasons” at Bruno’s: , Saint-Petersburg

The “Bruno Truffle House” continues to come up with pleasant surprises.

The head chef is giving customers the unique opportunity of trying the very best of noble Russian cuisine in a modern interpretation — featuring the king of delicacies, naturally. The special menu includes: tartine with Brumale truffle pate and farmer’s suet; strips of whitefish with pike caviar and Brumale truffles; tongue salad with lightly salted gherkins, homemade sour cream and seasonal truffles; homemade pelmeni with chicken fillet, “Poulet” sauce and Brumale truffles; sterlet soup with Brumale truffles; truffle borsch with beef cheeks and homemade sour cream; fillet of pike-perch with beetroot cream, cauliflower sauce and seasonal truffles; baked rabbit with baby carrots, green peas and truffle cream; marbled beef Stroganoff with morel mushrooms and truffle puree; truffle Napoleon with raspberry coolie; toffee apples in honey syrup with oatmeal biscuits and Brumale truffles.

10 Admiralteysky Pr. T: 940 1881.

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