Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

A Motor Ship Pub

A Motor Ship Pub: , Saint-Petersburg

The “Koryushka Pub” is a great ship which treats its customers to both spectacular sights and excellent European cuisine.

There is a bar and a restaurant, open and closed decks and a VIP area with a panoramic roof through which you can admire the sky from soft sofas. The pub holds daily parties with live music, including jazz after midnight. The outside of the ship is restrained in colour like the facades on the city’s embankments, but this restraint is deceptive. When guests come on board they find themselves on the deck of a pirate ship with swinging lanterns, pipes on the ceiling and a pirate barman. Several alternative routes are on offer. From 11 am to 7 pm the vessel follows the route from 2 Admiralty Embankment to Krestovsky Island and back again. The “Supper Cruise” begins at 7 pm, and from 11.40 pm — “Jazz under the Raised Bridges”.

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July 2018

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