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A Dream Fulfilled: , Saint-Petersburg

Among the most popular, traditional and functional souvenirs of St. Petersburg are items made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

The factory, the first porcelain works in Russia and only the third in Europe, was founded in 1744. Its products have always corresponded to the spirit of the age and still remain tokens of artistic quality, a blend of innovation and tradition and excellent gifts. The formal services and objects for the interior made by the company adorn the residences of the President of Russia and heads of state of foreign countries, as well as major world museums.

The Imperial Porcelain Factory now runs masterclasses in the painting of porcelain under the guidance of its leading artists. A master-class will give you a unique opportunity to feel like a real artist and fulfil your boldest dreams in traditional porcelain forms: cups, saucers and miniature sculptures. A master-class lasts between an hour and 90 minutes and the cost for adults is 3,000 roubles for painting two items or 3,500 roubles for three items. The corresponding prices for children are 2,000 and 2,500 roubles. If necessary an English interpreter can be provided, in which case the cost of the masterclass increases by 100 roubles. The finished works can be collected three days after the firing process is complete.

For detailed information and to register for guided tours and master-classes please telephone 326 1743.

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