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Fresh Ideas: , Saint-Petersburg

Autumn is the most suitable season for revamping your style and adding bright elegant outdoor clothing to your wardrobe.

This applies particularly to those for whom clothes are an important part of their way of life. The X-Act multibrand boutiques are well aware of this and offer clothes from young designer brands which enliven the fashion world and bring fresh ideas.

“NINEMINUTES” is a new name for X-Act. The Italian brand has existed only since 2015, but has already contrived to devise its own special style. The simplification of world trends and a universal cut are the brand’s main distinguishing features. The latest collection is full of flying silhouettes, flowing fabrics and surprising elements such as the removable sleeve of a sweatshirt or the contrasting turn-ups of wide trousers.

The visions of “NINEMINUTES” are modern and boundless, not burdened by links with tradition or by attempts to do away with it.

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