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Saint Petersburg

A French Diva / Concerts

A2 Green Concert
3 Pr. Medikov
с 20:00
A French Diva: Concerts, Saint-Petersburg

Imany is one of the most famous performers of soul, pop and rhythmn-blues.

She is a composer, actress and singer whose albums have sold over 65 million copies. Her stage name is the Swahili word for “faith”. As Nadia Mladjao she was a successful sportswoman and top model, but had the self-belief to become one of the biggest stars of the decade. Her first album “The Shape of a Broken Heart” became a platinum disc in France and an international bestseller. In 2016 Imany released her second album “The Wrong Kind of War”. Her musical style is a combination of authentic folk music, passionate blues and pop music. The seven-time Grammy winner will be appearing at the A2 Green Concert Hall on 31 October.

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