Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

A Design Legend / Exhibitions

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art
2 29th Liniya, V. O.
A Design Legend: Exhibitions, Saint-Petersburg
Veneno Roadster (provided by Erarta)

The highlights of the display “Lamborghini: A Design Legend” in the Erarta Museum’s new exhibition hall are rare collector’s Lamborghinis.

These supercars costing a million Euros apiece serve as fine illustrations to a detailed history of the legendary Italian brand. The distinctive Lamborghini design is rightly considered to be an outstanding legacy of Italian contemporary art. Besides the “principal characters” the exhibition also includes numerous photographs, sketches, design projects, vintage advertising posters, paintings depicting races and fascinating videos. It all clearly demonstrates that the art of making fast cars set off a chain reaction, spreading the influence of mechanical beauty into all aspects of life.

Where St.Petersburg

September 2018

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