Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

The Russian Broadway

The Russian Broadway: , Saint-Petersburg

The major reconstruction of the Leningrad House of Youth, planned and carried out by American designers and architects, has now been completed.

The result is ideal sound, magnificent lighting, stunning Broadway-style design and gigantic mirror chandeliers. There are no balconies or tiers, only stalls which provide a perfect view of the stage from every seat. The ceremonial opening will take place on 20 October. The programme for the rest of the month consists of musicals: “Onegin’s Demon” (20—22 October; 18+), “The Master and Margarita” (26—29 October; 18+) and “Chudo-Yudo” (28—29 October; 12+).

47 Ul. Professora Popova. T: 8 (911) 726 7505.

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