Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Letters to God / Plays

Oktyabrsky Concert Hall
6 Ligovsky Pr.
Letters to God: Plays, Saint-Petersburg
© Tim Bogdanov

The world premiere of the musical “Oscar and the Pink Lady. Letters to God” can be seen at the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall on 14 October.

It will be the first appearance in a major Russian concert hall by Ilya Melnikov and Viktoria Baryshnikova, actors from the “Nedoslov” theatre in Moscow who are hard of hearing — they will act the principal roles of Oscar and Peggy. The production team have decided on a bold experiment, telling the tragic story of the dying boy Oscar in the jolly language of a musical. The name of the actress who will play the Pink Lady is still a mystery. The secret will be revealed only at the premiere.

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