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A Breath of Outer Space: Exhibitions, Saint-Petersburg

PROKOSMOS is the title of a major exhibition marking the 60th anniversary of the launch of the first satellite which has opened in the new “Nautilus” exhibition hall on Vasilievsky Island.

The extensive collection of exhibits from the Museum of Cosmonautics and Russian space enterprises is divided into five sections. In “Dreams of Outer Space” visitors can see what the first models of space rockets looked like against the background of early works by the “Amaravella” space artists. The section “Man — Creator and Originator” features legends: the exhibits include personal items of Sergey Korolyov, the founding father of Soviet cosmonautics, models of a “Vostok” spaceship, rocket engines, the first sputniks and the cardiogram of the first man in space Yury Gagarin before the launch. The “Manned Space Travel” section includes models of spaceships and the orbital “Buran” launch vehicle, a “Sokol” spacesuit, a “Kubyshka” pressure chamber and small items from life in space. The display “The Moon, Venus, Mars and Beyond” demonstrates a moon buggy, a Mars buggy and a unique (and life-size!) model of a “LK” lunar module (for landing a man on the Moon). “Space of the Future” describes the latest programmes for the exploration of the Moon and Mars and training apparatus devised by scientists for lengthy periods away from the Earth.

Visitors can expect an extensive informative programme and interactive zones.

Visitors also have the chance to win a visit to a space-launch complex by taking part in a quiz.

Until 30 November. 83 16th Line, V. O. T: 8 800 550 7157.

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