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On 9 November director and producer Migel will present his latest project — the immersive theatrical show “Bezlikie” (“The Faceless Ones”).

The show promises total immersion: theatregoers will turn from observers into participants in the action. There are no classic stages or passive spectators. The action will take place simultaneously on four floors of an old mansion on Palace Embankment: twenty actors will perform over 600 scenes in parallel. It will not be possible to see them all, so viewers will have to construct their own story as if from pieces of a mosaic, deciding for themselves who and what to follow. Masks are an important element of the show. They cover the viewer’s face, serving as a token of security, anonymity and possibly impunity too. The theme of “Bezlikie” is a kind of prequel to Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts”. The immersive show describes the strange events that occur before those in the play. Visitors will take a trip around a mysterious, sinister city. The show’s creators will attempt to recreate in detail the atmosphere of the early 20th century in the rooms of the mansion. As viewers move forward the sensation of reality will fade ever more quickly. As the show’s director Mia Zanetti says: “We are creating an entirely authentic space, combining elements of classical theatre and choreography, using audiovisual effects, carefully devising the interactive component... It is simply impossible to experience anything like this in a theatre seat. It is dramatized virtual reality”.

18+. Full details can be found on the website

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