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18 Pr. Dobrolyubova
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Battle of the Robots: Shows, Saint-Petersburg

“Bronebot”, a vast battle of robots, is due to be fought on 5 November.

Heavyweights (100 g) and middleweights (50 g) will fi ght to the death at the Yubileyny Sports Centre. The battle of robots is the Formula 1 of robot fighting. Tons of living steel, kilowatts of sound and lighting, kilograms of pyrotechnics, spare parts and bolts on all sides, litres of adrenalin and no mercy! Two robots do battle and only one comes out! “Bronebot” is based on “Robot Wars”, the cult international show of the 1990s. The teams taking part are “Big Brother”, “Weber”, “Solarbot”, “Solarbot Girls” and “Energy”. There will be two shows on the day.

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