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Precious Ice

Precious Ice: , Saint-Petersburg

Jewelry collections for any occasion and taste are displayed in the “Russkiye Samotsvety” jewelry shops.

One of the factory’s bestsellers — the “Ice”, a unique designer’s collection. It was released in 2015, and instantly won the hearts of quaint jewelry lovers.

The base of every item is a transparent form made of quartz glass, filled with shining diamond-cut Preciosa crystals, what gives an incredible glow both in daylight and artificial light.

The jewelry is framed with silver or gold and assembled by hand. The items are made in various forms — flasks, or round, with full or partial crystals filling, what allows to choose the best jewelry piece for any occasion and taste.

What is the “Ice”? It is rhinestones, quartz glass, and precious settings, plus creative approach, fantasy, and finely-honed technologies.

The “Russkiye Samotsvety” jewelry shops:

64 Nevsky Pr. Т: 490 6638.

“Galeria” mall, 30a Ligovsky Pr. Т: 490 6663.

“Sennaya” mall, 3 Efimova Ul. Т: 313 9998.

Jewelry Centre, 8 Karla Faberge Pl. Т: 528 1091.

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