Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Solitary Walks / Exhibitions

93 Nab. Reki Moyki (Isaakievskaya Pl.)
Solitary Walks: Exhibitions, Saint-Petersburg

From 10 November to 12 December the “S.P.A.S.” Gallery is staging an exhibition by two well-known St. Petersburg artists, Ekaterina Posetselskaya and Alexey Kiryanov, entitled “The Constancy of Solitary Walks”.

What these two very different artists have in common is a subtle, metaphysically complex and typical St. Petersburg-like fragile atmosphere of well thought-out and technically proficient stories in painting. Ekaterina Posetselskaya’s cityscapes of St. Petersburg and Paris, extremely subtle in colour, light and spirit, instantly enchant you with their apparent simplicity and lightness which actually conceal incredible depth. For many years Alexey Kiryanov has been painting city stories unlike anything or anyone else which are imprinted on your soul forever. His characters, which seem to be sad children’s teddies and pensive clowns, are nevertheless familiar and recognizable.

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