Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Audience Favouries / Concerts

The St. Petersburg Academic Capella
20 Nab. Reki Moyki
Audience Favouries: Concerts, Saint-Petersburg
Photo by Anna Webber

Kurt Elling, a Grammy award winner and currently perhaps the best jazz singer in the world, will be appearing in Russia for the first time with the Moscow Jazz Band under Igor Butman at the Cappella on 18 November.

Musicians whom the critics like do not always appeal to the public and vice versa, but Kurt Elling is popular with both. His voice has a range of four octaves: he is a brilliant exponent of scat (vocal improvisation) and “ranting” (improvised rhyming comments on everything around him during a performance). He is also skilled at writing words to instrumental solos. The gala concert featuring the legendary jazz performers Kurt Elling, Igor Butman and the Moscow Jazz Band is part of Jazz Across Borders (JAB), the first international jazz forum&festival in Russia held during the 6th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum.

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