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Saint Petersburg

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In a New Format: , Saint-Petersburg

The major reconstruction of the UNIQLO Gallery was completed in autumn, increasing the area of the shop to 2,000 sq. m.

The changes apply not only to the exterior of the shop but also to the interior. It features Russia’s first lighted shop window with an artificial stone facade like those in UNIQLO shops in other countries. One of the walls has been designed by artist Alexey Kurbatov especially for the opening. In the centre of the shop is a staircase leading to the first floor, a separate wall with monitors and a very tall two-storey rack with collections, including the long-awaited third Uniqlo U collection for autumn-winter 2017 created by the team of the UNIQLO Design & Research Centre in Paris under Creative Director Christophe Lemaire.

The new-format UNIQLO Gallery offers functional, high-quality and comfortable clothes with a laconic design in the “Lifewear” collection. It is based on Japanese values: simplicity, quality and durability. The clothes are out of time and for all times. They are distinguished by modern elegance, setting the tone for an individual style: a perfect shirt which can always be made even better; the understated design of well thought-out contemporary details; made of the very best fabrics, they sit well on the figure and are accessible to all. They are clothes which are being constantly perfected, bringing warmth, lightness, improved design and more comfort into your life. And life is changing all the time, so we strive to make even more perfect clothes.

30A Ligovsky Pr. T: 384 2412.

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