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A Homemade Set

A Homemade Set: , Saint-Petersburg

Gastronomic sets are not taking root in St. Petersburg as rapidly as one might wish.

However, there is already a pool of chefs, albeit not particularly numerous at the moment, who are developing this theme with pleasure . One of the leaders of this group is Valery Gorinov, head chef of the “Dom” restaurant, who was once given the correct “injection” by the three-starred Spanish maestro Quique Dacosta. Gorinov’s latest seasonal set again gives customers the opportunity to appreciate all the wealth of produce available in Russia: seafood from the Far East, broad whitefish from Siberia, farm cheeses and meat from the Leningrad Region... His conceptual selection consists of seven courses: sea urchin seasoned with yuzu lemon juice and dashi stock; starter of homemade goat’s cheese and black caviar on chanterelle crisps; smoked broad whitefish with pureed red cabbage and mussel sauce; calf’s heart with couscous in demi-glace sauce; baked kid garnished with seasonal vegetables and pureed sweetcorn; spicy grilled venison with pumpkin and beetroot au gratin in raspberry vinegar; crème brûlée with sherry and chestnut ice-cream. The set comes with two complimentary dishes based on berries to refresh the taste receptors between courses — cherry jelly with orange and cognac and gooseberry sorbet with cloudberry and vodka jelly. The set is accompanied by wines and other drinks selected by sommelier Darya Vereshchagina.

The price of the set is 7,500 roubles.

72 Nab. Reki Moiki. T: 930 7272.

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