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Saint Petersburg

The Storming of the Winter Palace / Exhibitions

The Hermitage
2 Dvortsovaya Pl.
The Storming of the Winter Palace: Exhibitions, Saint-Petersburg
Provided by the Hermitage

“The Storming of the Winter Palace” is the title of a large-scale project which the Hermitage is staging to mark the centenary of the Russian revolution.

At the heart of the project is the exhibition “The Winter Palace and the Hermitage. 1917. History was Made Here”. The display, which tells the story of the museum and the authorities, the museum and the revolution, the museum buildings and the imperial residence in 1917, occupies the formal rooms of the Neva Suite.

On the Jordan Staircase and in the Jordan Gallery visitors are greeted by revolutionary posters in anticipation of the main display.

The Anteroom features items from the private lives of the Romanovs: personal belongings, the toys and drawings of the imperial children.

The display in the Nikolayevsky Hall tells of the involvement of the Russian Empire in the First World War and the charitable activities of the Romanovs. Part of the display is devoted to the infirmary named after the heir to the throne Alexey which operated in the Winter Palace from 1915 to October 1917. In the same hall are exhibits concerning the history of the February revolution, the Provisional Government’s headquarters in the Winter Palace, the October revolution and the last days of the imperial family’s lives.

The Small Dining-Room features a display concerning the arrest of the Provisional Government on the night of 26 October 1917.

The display in the Concert Hall describes what happened in the Hermitage during the revolutionary events of 1917 and after the “storming”.

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