Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

The Way to Harmony

The Way to Harmony: , Saint-Petersburg

The new “DvorDzen” (“Zen Courtyard”) restaurant (it is situated in the inner courtyard of the Passage department store) is primarily an attempt to create a harmonious blend of delicious and nourishing food.

The chef charged with this task is Ruslan Zakirov, wellknown to connoisseurs for his work at the “Polyot” restaurant. Ruslan customarily experiments with “western” and “eastern” flavours, achieving an ideal balance on the plate. The menu is full of these “balancing acts”: Murmansk cod with sweet miso sauce, broccoli and baked apple; grilled oyster mushrooms with green quinoa, tofu cream and truffle sauce; tartare of avocado with seaweed and sprouting sesame; fillet of duck with lapsang souchong tea, sweet potato and pak choi cabbage...

17 Italyanskaya Ul. T: (921) 907 2150.

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