Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Characters and Masks / Exhibitions

62 Nevsky Pr. (ground floor)
Characters and Masks: Exhibitions, Saint-Petersburg

In 2018 a dazzling carnival will be held not only in the marine lagoons of the Adriatic but also on the banks of the Neva in the “Art-Bank” exhibition space.

When they see the display of Venetian masks visitors will understand why St. Petersburg is sometimes called the Northern Venice. They will be able to feel the festive atmosphere around the palazzos in St. Mark’s Square, sit in a real gondola by the Rialto Bridge and breathe the aromas of mist and sea air. However, the principal elements in the exhibition are the mysterious, extraordinarily delicate masks made by Venetian masters. The tradition of hiding faces behind masks has been known since Roman times: the differences between classes were concealed and the nobility mixed with the crowds or sat at the same table with ordinary citizens. The native wit and humour of simple people, which broke down all the barriers set by aristocrats, was the main theme of Commedia Dell’Arte plays. The exhibition includes masks of the main characters of Italian theatre.

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