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Faberge in a New Guise

Faberge in a New Guise: , Saint-Petersburg

A new range of unique desserts has appeared in the Astoria Hotel (to be more precise, in the Astoria Restaurant and the Rotunda).

Yulia Ivanova, the hotel’s confectionery chef, has been inspired by the great jeweller’s Easter series in the Faberge Museum, with which the Astoria has long-standing friendly relations. “My idea was to combine two images — the Astoria and Faberge”, says Yulia. “I didn’t want simply to make a copy of one of Faberge’s eggs, but I used the idea of an egg-casket with a surprise inside. For me the Astoria is a symbol of elegance and that was the origin of the rose, as I wanted to bring airiness to the construction of the dessert but still make it with edible materials. Historically Faberge Easter eggs were declarations of love, and this dessert is my declaration of love for the Astoria, the Faberge Museum, my profession and everybody!” The hotel’s guests can already try the “Faberge Spring” dessert, and the winter version will be introduced at the end of October.

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