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Saint Petersburg

The Effect of Lightness

The Effect of Lightness: , Saint-Petersburg

The “White Nights” Medical Resort — International Medical Centre “SOGAZ” has opened a new “Dietology” department.

The new department includes three elements: purification of the organism (“detox”), weight correction and medicinal nutrition. The programme for the purification of the organism produces a “detox” effect in a short time by a combination of physiotherapy sessions and a specially devised range of dishes under medical observation. The all-embracing figure correction programmes include correct nutrition, moderate physical exercises and cosmetological procedures for the body, helping to reduce weight to benefit the health. Visitors feel the effect of lightness from the balanced diet from their first days at the sanatorium: only top-quality produce, fresh vegetables and herbs grown in the centre’s own greenhouses are used in the preparation of dishes. The SOGAZ “White Nights” Medical Resort has the necessary technological medicinal base and a team of qualified specialists who carry out examinations using up-to-date methods and devise individual diets based on the results.

2 Primorskoe Shosse (38th km), Sestroretsk . T: 8 800 200 1141.

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