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Oceans of Fantasy: , Saint-Petersburg

The long-awaited restaurant of Artyom Grebenshchikov, one of St. Petersburg’s leading chefs — “Bourgeois Bohemians” (“BoBo” for short) — has opened.

The restaurant, which can seat forty diners, is named not after bourgeois gypsies but after a term coined by sociologist David Brooks. By these two words Brooks meant “the new creative class of successful and constantly developing people”. It is logical to assume that the restaurant’s owners had themselves and their most desired customers in mind. Those who appreciated Grebenshchikov’s work at “Erarta” will certainly not be disappointed: everything is still based on classic French cuisine, generously flavoured with the rich fantasy of the chef. The à la carte menu includes: scallop crudo with cucumber, cream and herring caviar; goat’s cheese with lychees, cedar nuts and pear sorbet; crispy blini with morel mushrooms, pears and foie gras; diaphragm with puree of burnt onion, roasted almonds and black truffles… Customers are offered a set lunch on weekdays and a “BOBO’s Signature” nine-course meal every evening.

15 Vilensky Per. T: 325 5550.

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February 2019

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