Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Wind from the South

Wind from the South: , Saint-Petersburg
Provided by PR-office of the restaurant

The famous Italian master chef and restaurateur Uilliam Lamberti has opened his first project in St. Petersburg.

Lamberti’s coauthors in the new restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine “Shana” are the Israeli master chefs Dudu (David) Almakias and Yosi Shitrit, the owners of the popular Tel Aviv restaurant “David & Yossef Downtown”. In fact, they are the same chefs with whom Lamberti opened the restaurant Montifori in Moscow in April. Logically, we should expect the result to be dazzling and impressive. The menu includes ravioli with artichokes and sauce made of Moroccan lemon and sage; gazpacho with sweet cherry and stracciatella; marbled beef medallion with eggplant, foie gras sauce and baba ganoush; tiramisu with tahini...

8 Karavannaya Street. T: 640 1616.

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