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The World of Tin Soldiers

The World of Tin Soldiers: , Saint-Petersburg

Russia’s first Tin Soldier Museum has opened in the former house of the custodian of the Suvorov Museum.

The museum’s collection of tin soldiers is based on the collections of Mikhail Lyushkovsky and Alexander Lyubimov, donated in 1966. Since then the museum’s collection has constantly increased and now numbers over 60,000 figures. Visitors will see a large “live” model of “Suvorov Crossing the Alps” and the working table of masters who cast tin soldiers in different centuries. A colossal impression is provided by a mini-play based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. A puppet theatre, multimedia technologies, special lighting and mechanics, music and sound all help visitors to plunge headfirst into the magical world of the fairytale. All the characters in the production have been brought to life by Vladimir Nuzhdin. The designers of the display have done everything possible to make it interesting to adults and children, boys and girls. They have seen their main task as being to describe and show the history of the making of tin soldiers as interestingly as possible. At the end of your visit you can be a witness of the last parade of the Russian Imperial Guard on the Field of Mars in 1914, recreated thanks to a unique collection of 2,564 tin soldiers donated to the Suvorov Museum last year. Whereas previously the miniature guardsmen were simply displayed on a table, they now march past visitors in formation.

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August 2019

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