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Catch It!: , Saint-Petersburg

“Catch your Supper!” is once again the watchword at the “Russian Fishing” restaurant in Komarovo.

Every customer is offered a conceptual-meditative diversion: to take a rod and bait and head for the nearby pond full of noble fish. Efficient assistants will then take the catch straight to the kitchen, where it will be prepared in the customer's preferred way: smoked, baked in foil, fried on a grill, etc., accompanied by extra ingredients or garnish. If you do not manage to catch anything or do not wish to stand with a rod, you can go immediately to the open terrace and look through the menu. The choice is extensive and is not limited to fish. Try, for example, pork knuckle with sauerkraut, pureed potatoes, green peas and Bavarian mustard; pork fillet stuffed with gorgonzola with roast potatoes and morel mushroom sauce; pasta with white mushroom sauce; rib-eye steak of imported grain-fed beef; shashlik of marbled beef; saddle of lamb; Uzbek plov and much more. The restaurant has a special menu for its smallest customers and a mini-zoo where they can see and even feed the animals.

452a Primorskoe Shosse, Komarovo. T: 640 5232.

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