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The first barre studio, a relatively new fitness concept in this country, has opened in St. Petersburg.

Barre is combination of power training and ballet choreography. No prior special training is required. Anyone who doubts their own strength simply has to have a word with the trainer before the session so that he can adjust the burden in accordance with their capabilities.

A standard training session lasts 55 minutes and consists of warm-up exercises, exercises for the arms and back with dumbbells, exercises on a bench for the legs and buttocks, exercises on a press and stretching exercises. A small range of movements and the lengthy holding of a particular pose are the secret of barre’s success and an unusual strain on the organism, which is why it will amaze even inveterate sportsmen. You will already feel an improvement after the first training session: an increase of energy, a change in posture and more graceful movements. After several sessions the body will become smart and strong. It has been calculated that about 400 calories are burned off in each session. Chief trainer Yulia Busyreva, the only certified barre trainer in Russia, is responsible for the quality and results of sessions in the studio.

Block 2, 3 Paradnaya Ul. 24 Bolshaya Raznochinnaya Ul. T: +7 (921) 785 4445.

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