Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

DIY Dining

DIY Dining: , Saint-Petersburg

The menu of the new “pobo” smart food café (from the English POke BOwl) features four speciality dishes by chef Vyacheslav Gnedovsky: “Salmon”, “Ahi”, “Tofu” and “Shrimp Spicy”.

Customers are invited to assemble other variations by themselves in four stages: first they should choose the “base” (white or red rice, quinoa or herbs), then the “flavouring” (eleven alternatives, from “ginger cream” to “soya sriracha”), then the “protein” (tuna, salmon, prawns or tofu) and finally two “vitamins” (a choice of twelve, from edamame to pineapple kimchi). A dish assembled in this way costs the standard price of 420 roubles.

4a Pr. Chernyshevskogo (1st Floor, Glamy Spot Salon). T: 942 8778.

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