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The Great St. Petersburg State Circus (Ciniselli Circus)
3a Nab. Reki Fontanki
Circus on Ice: Shows, Saint-Petersburg
©Yelena Blednykh (photo provided by the press office of the Great St. Petersburg State Circus)

The Great St. Petersburg State Circus on the Fontanka invites you to a unique “Circus on Ice”.

The new show transports the audience from the heat of the metropolis in summer to a winter wonderland populated by benevolent polar bears and sealions. The ring is transformed into an ice rink for the purpose and the circus artistes become expert figure-skaters. The audience will see the breathtaking tricks of equilibrist Evgeny Petrov on the “Wheel of Boldness”, a ballet on ice with doves under the control of Daria Tarasova and Maria Yarutkina, jugglers on motorbikes, trapeze artists and the world’s only act featuring polar bears.

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