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Visitors from the Volga

Visitors from the Volga: , Saint-Petersburg

It is always interesting when people from the art world try their hand at the restaurant business.

The absence of any preconceived notions often leads to excellent results. After opening his first “Rakovaya” (“Crawfish House”) in Moscow early last year, writer Evgeny Nichipuruk now has three such gastrobars in the capital. He opened his fourth quite recently not far from Petrovsky Stadium and called it “Rakovaya na Petrogradke” (“Crawfish House on the Petrograd Side”). The brand chef is still Anton Shirokov, a pupil of the acknowledged master of contemporary Russian cuisine Igor Grishechkin.

The menu consists predominantly of freshwater and sea food: popcorn of crawfish tails, fried Black Sea surmullet, strips of whitefish, tartare of Far East scallop with pike caviar, shaverma with crab, crispy crucian with mousse of fried potatoes and lightly salted cucumbers… A separate story, in keeping with the restaurant’s name, is crawfish from the Volga, prepared in seventeen different ways.

A good accompaniment to the crawfish would be cider or one of the hundred or so varieties of beer, twenty of which are on draught).

16 Maly Pr., P.S. T: 644 5906.

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