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Saint Petersburg

It’ll be Great

It’ll be Great: , Saint-Petersburg
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Roger Waters will be appearing at the “St. Petersburg” Sports and Concert Complex on 29 August as part of the “Us + Them” world tour.

This is what he has to say about the concert: “We set off on this tour with a new show. It will be a selection of songs from my whole career in music — compositions from the Pink Floyd days and several new songs. The percentage may be 80/20 in favour of old material, but all the songs will be linked by a basic theme. I promise it’ll be as great as it used to be”. Roger Waters’ concerts are always striking by their minute attention to detail in the visual and sound concept, and the “Us + Them” tour is no exception. It will be total immersion in a rock show for the audience. Dozens of projectors will guarantee maximum clarity of the images. And the quadrophonic sound system, as previously used by Pink Floyd, will achieve exceptionally detailed music in live performance. 12+.

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