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Crystal Perfection

Crystal Perfection: , Saint-Petersburg
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The Gus-Khrustalny glassworks is a unique company which can trace its history back for around 250 years.

The secrets of the old masters are not only preserved and passed down from generation to generation but are also constantly developing in tune with the spirit of the age. The factory produces crystal with a lead content of 24%, making the pieces pleasantly heavy and giving them a special transparency and radiance. The use of oxides of rare earth metals provides a wide variety of colours in the spectrum.

You can see the glassworks’ latest products at the Museum of Artistic Glass in the Kirov Central Park of Culture and Relaxation in the exhibition “Contemporary Glass from Gus-Khrustalny”. The display features pieces from the glassworks’ show cabinet and also from the Maltsov Museum of Crystal in the Vladimir-Suzdal State Historical, Architectural and Artistic Museum-Reserve.

Until 30 September.

4 Yelagin Ostrov. T: 430 0911.

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