Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg

Everything at Once

Everything at Once: , Saint-Petersburg
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Dramatic colour combinations, large shapes, respect for tradition and love of experimentation — these, along with top-quality workmanship and rare stones, are the principal components of the charm of Bvlgari jewellery collections.

During its whole history the fashion house has professed a very bold approach to jewellery, breaking down stereotypes. The new “Wild Pop” collection is classic Bvlgari in its striving for the unexpected. Inspired by the extravagant 1980s, it pays tribute to a time marked by the insatiable desire for “everything at once” on the one hand and celebrates Andy Warhol on the other. The ultramodern “Wild Pop” collection makes its own rules and glorifies multifaceted sensuality for today and tomorrow.

113 Nevsky Pr. T: 240 3838.

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