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Saint Petersburg

The World of Shadows

The World of Shadows: , Saint-Petersburg
Photo provided by the museum press office

The first Shadow Museum in Russia and in Europe has opened in the Northern Capital.

St. Petersburg is a city of numerous stories, mysteries and enigmas. The Shadow Museum invites St. Petersburg’s residents and visitors to see the city from a different perspective and get to know it through the world of shadows.

The new museum features contemporary art works produced in the “shadow art” technique and a unique guided tour entitled “St. Petersburg of Shadows”. Visitors will encounter Peter I and the gryphon which guards secrets made of light and shade, a city in which from a particular angle the most ordinary objects turn into raised bridges, lampposts and embankments, and can even meet their own shadow. Every day from 11 am to 10 pm visitors can see the display, enjoy a cup of tea while they exchange impressions, try to create their own masterpiece in the “shadow art” style and meet the museum’s founders.

The Shadow Museum helps to develop creative thinking, presents an unusual view of the world and teaches you to find new images in what seems understandable and obvious in everyday life. When visitors plunge into this atmosphere of light and shade they are able to see themselves and everything around them from an unexpected angle.

“Shadow Art” is a contemporary artistic trend which has been gaining popularity in the USA, Europe and Japan in recent years and is only just beginning to develop in Russia.

5 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Ul. (entrance through the gate into the courtyard). T: +7 981 149 5409.

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