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Tritutri rope park

In summer in St. Petersburg there are plenty of ways to compensate for a lack of adrenalin. The possibilities are limited only by your own inclinations and phobias.

Rock Town (photo provided by press office)


Those who like active leisure pursuits that require strength and are not afraid of heights are recommended to try a climbing centre. There is quite a wide choice of routes and walls at Rock Town (15d Novolitovskaya Ul. T: 313 9515). Novices can climb individually with a trainer and in groups. The centre also has a rope park and trampolines. Other climbing centres are the Igels Club (Block 71, 134 Nab. Obvodnogo Kanala) in the grounds of the “Red Triangle” Factory and Tramontana (24 Bronnitskaya Ul. T: 640 3844).

Trampoline Park No.1 (photo provided by press office)


Apart from Rock Town, there are also trampolines at Trampoline Park No.1 (Block 1, 25 Pulkovskoye Shosse. T: 943 3792), which has all kinds of trampolines for adults and children; it offers individual, group and family training sessions and also teaches acrobatic stunts. Other alternatives are at Piterland (72 Primorsky Pr. T: 563 3489) and at the Fun Jump centre (154a Pr. Engelsa. T: 776 4312).

Tritutri (photo provided by press office)


In the grounds of the “Baltiets” guest house in Repino, under the canopy of age-old pine and fir trees, is the Tritutri rope park (427 Primorskoye Shosse, Repino. T: (931) 593 3230). The different routes reach up to 20 metres in height; there are four of them, for varying levels of expertise. The most difficult level, the “red” route, is for real thrill-seekers: at the end of the route you can leap from a height of 20 metres (with a rope, of course). Another open-air rope park is Greenvald Park Scandinavia (Ogonki Village, Vyborg District. T: 929 9246). One of the largest indoor rope parks is “High-Rise City” at Piterland (72 Primorsky Pr. T: 930 1777).

A type of recreation similar to those already mentioned is slacklining (rope walking), available at Rock Town and at the c9h13no3 extreme club (67 Zanevsky Pr. T: 904 0411).

Carting Centre in Krasnoputilovskaya (photo provided by press office)


No special driving skills are necessary in order to feel like a racing driver — that can be achieved in the entertaining sport of go-carting. There are several carting centres in St. Petersburg. One of the oldest is the Carting Centre in Krasnoputilovskaya (69 Krasnoputilovskaya Ul. T: 677 0969), an indoor track with an area of 3,000 square metres. It also runs a carting school.

Horse-riding is organized by the Zapovedny club (49 Zapovednaya Ul. T: (904) 641 6244), which has a large park, meadows and an indoor school. The Prostor equestrian club (20 Krestovsky Pr. T: 911 3695) offers horse-riding on Krestovsky Island, and at the Peterhof club (Olgino, Lomonosov District) you can ride in a two-seater phaeton close to Peterhof.

One of the best ways of cooling down in hot weather is ice-skating. You can skate at the Grand Canyon Shopping & Entertainment Centre (154 Pr. Engelsa. T: 332 2322), at the Leto Shopping & Entertainment Centre (Block 1, 25 Pulkovskoye Shosse. T: 676 6542) or at the SKA Rink on the Fontanka (112 Nab. Reki Fontanki. T: 316 2081).

Indoor skydiving provides all the exhilaration of free fall in stress-free conditions. It is available at Free Fly (Block 1, 503 Vyborgskoye Shosse. T: 956 4809), at Aero Dream (72 Primorsky Pr. T: 385 7775) and at Fly Station (7 km Toksovskogo Shosse. T: 633 0707).

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