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My perfect day in St. Petersburg: Lilia Kisselenko


Designer Lilia Kisselenko told us about her relationship with St. Petersburg.

How has your relationship with our far from straightforward city developed over the course of your life?

Our city is magnificent. It is fatalistic in the sense that everything that ought to happen does happen. It is my native city — my parents are from here. I was born in Gatchina, left and came back again. It is a timeless centre of attraction.

How would you imagine a perfect day in the city?

That’s easy — a sunny day! If the sun is shining, it is already a perfect day.

Where do you go first with friends who are visiting?

To St. Isaac’s Cathedral. To be more precise, the view from the colonnade. In summer it is open until late at night, and the view makes an unforgettable impression on everyone. If you want to impress your friends, take them up to the colonnade. After that you can just stroll around the city.

Apart from impressions, what would you advise people to take away from St. Petersburg as a souvenir?

A cobalt blue net cup from the Imperial Porcelain Factory. That is a real St. Petersburg brand. The services are sold in Europe and are incredibly popular. I know several collectors who buy up all the pieces from that series, right down to the smallest salt cellar.

You are often called the initiator of the St. Petersburg style in fashion. What is the St. Petersburg style?

I really dislike that expression. It seems to me that nobody can define the St. Petersburg style. If we speak of St. Petersburg dandyism, that is a refined taste that has, perhaps, existed for ages. A refined style is when you dress all in black from head to toe — when your wardrobe is ideally selected in both colour and style so that there can be no cacophony of colours. Large shapes. High-quality materials. It looks very effective against the yellow background of the classicist buildings. Nevertheless I would say that mine is not the St. Petersburg style. My style is much drier. There is no need to make a resort out of a classicist city.

Tell us something about your new collection.

Nothing new, thank God! Length down to the floor. Dark colours, though I’ve added brown and blue to my favourite black. Plus some “delicious” high-quality materials: delicate wool, linen and silk.

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