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My perfect day in St. Petersburg: Enzo Magaraci


Enzo Magaraci, Commercial Director of the ISAIA brand, told us about his relationship with the Northern Capital.

Do you remember your first visit to St. Petersburg?

Yes, I think it was two years ago when we opened the ISAIA mono brand in DLT. Our President Gianluca Isaia also came. And because it was our first time in the city I decided to hire a car with a driver and a guide and we had a wonderful tour around the city. The tour was really impressive because we had come from Italy. And Italy is a symbol of art and culture, especially cities like Venice, Florence, Rome… But when we started this tour around St. Petersburg we felt the same feeling as we do in Italy. Plus the magnificence of all the beautiful buildings and ensembles we saw during the tour. We really enjoyed the day.

What has your relationship with the city been since then? Does the Northern Capital spoil you or it test your resolve?

It’s difficult to explain. This city has a secret energy, a hidden energy. Nobody can see this energy until the city decides to give it. And this happens very often when the city is bathed in sunshine. When the sun comes to St. Petersburg, the city is like a flower opening. That is my image of the city.

What would you recommend your friends to do in the city?

It depends on the situation. If a friend came here for just one day I would advise him to wake up early in the morning and to see the Hermitage — not the whole collection, but to look at some main things. Then to walk across Palace Square. Then to have a lunch in the Grand Hotel Europe and then walk into Nevsky Prospekt. Then to have dinner in the “Ribai” Steak house. And then go to “Big Wine Freaks”…

Do you have an idea about a perfect day in St. Petersburg or in Italy? Could you suggest where to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, what to see and listen to?

From my perspective a perfect day must have warm sea and bright sun. I am from Italy and the sea and the sun are a very important part of my life. Then in my perfect day there should be a simple nice restaurant for lunch — maybe seafood — and very good white wine. Then perhaps a walk in a beautiful garden or park. Then a short rest and get ready for dinner in a great restaurant (I prefer the ones on rooftops). Then — free time…

Did you get a favourite place in St. Petersburg?

Unforutunately I do not know the city very well. I never had enough time to stroll along it. But I hope to do it once.

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September 2018

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