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It was by the Sea, Remember?


A visit to a restaurant in the suburbs is one of the highlights of the summer for residents of St. Petersburg. How refreshing it is to have lunch or dinner in the open air in natural surroundings...

As you stroll from one out-of-town restaurant to another you often recall the lines of Yury Levitansky. “Neighbourhood, suburb, what would you call this place?” And when you settle down at a cosy table with a view of the luxuriant greenery of the forest or the Gulf of Finland with its “white horses”, you switch mentally to the Drinking Song from “La Traviata”: “Let’s all raise the cup of joy and greedily cling to it with our mouths...”



This exhortation is fully heeded by the “Yel” (“Fir Tree”) restaurant (640a Primorskoye Shosse. T: 433 2312). As far as the restaurant’s main menu is concerned, head chef Vadim Voronkovich prepares mainly Italian, American and French dishes.

Excеrpt from thе “Yеl” mеnu:

Caesar salad with tiger prawns — 790 roublеs

Baked grape snails with garlic butter (12) — 660 roublеs

Spanish fish broth — 590 roublеs

Cod steak with blue mussels — 690 roublеs

Fillet of duck with beetroot couscous — 720 roublеs

Shin of lamb stewed in cherry juice — 990 roublеs

“Nasha Dacha”


“Nasha Dacha” (“Our Dacha”) (448 Primorskoye Shosse. T: 640 1616) is not so much a restaurant as a three-storey holiday home with plenty of opportunities for having a good time (especially for children). Head chef Ike Weischtordt’s menu is also very varied: salad with peaches, lavender honey and cream cheese, buzhenina in spices, chicken fried on hot coals with sweetcorn cream, Mediterranean sea bass with quinoa... Plus the still popular Japanese rolls with all kinds of fillings.

Excеrpt from thе “Nasha Dacha” mеnu:

Salad with peaches, lavender honey and cream cheese — 750 roublеs

Prawn and mango roll — 720 roublеs

Buzhenina in spices — 430 roublеs

Salmon tartare — 860 roublеs

Pike with potatoes from the bonfire — 680 roublеs

Grilled whitefish — 890 roublеs

“Russian Fishing in Komarovo”


Almost next door to “Nasha Dacha” is another interesting restaurant — “Russian Fishing in Komarovo” (452A Primorskoye Shosse. T: 640 5232). As you may know, the main attraction here is that customers can catch their own supper in the pool alongside the restaurant: trout, carp, sterlet and, if you are really lucky — beluga. Children can meanwhile be entertained by the Cheburashka tactile zoo or the bouncy castle. The menu compiled by head chef Konstantin Rybalkin features a great deal of fish (quite logically), but also dishes from different parts of the world, from plov to steaks.

Excеrpt from thе “Russian Fishing at Komarovo” mеnu:

Triple ukha with trout, sturgeon and fennel — 510 roublеs

Bukhara plov with chicken — 480 roublеs

Beluga shashlik with pomegranate sauce — 1,390 roublеs

Pike-perch Polish-style — 690 roublеs

Metre-long homemade sausage with sauces — 2,000 roublеs

Pasta with seafood — 900 roublеs

“Stroganoff Bar & Grill”


You can not only raise a cup but accompany it with a superb steak (of marbled beef from Bryansk, for example) at the “Stroganoff Bar & Grill”, not far from the Gulf in the village of Repino (418 Primorskoye Shosse. T: 432 0575). And head chef Vyacheslav Morochkovsky does not restrict himself exclusively to grilled meat — you can also enjoy lobster, sturgeon and Kamchatka crab, among many other delicacies.

Excеrpt from thе “Stroganoff Bar & Grill” mеnu:

Cold borshch with calf’s tongue and sour cream — 390 roublеs

Pasta with grilled tiger prawns — 660 roublеs

Tartare of Atlantic tuna — 590 roublеs

Steak of Siberian sturgeon — 1,340 roublеs

“Denver” steak (300 g) — 1,290 roublеs

Rib-eye steak (400 g) — 2,890 roublеs



A little further on, closer to Zelenogorskoye Shosse, is another excellent restaurant: “Shaliapin” (1 Nagornaya Ul., Repino. T: 432 0775). It is worth going there not just for good food in general, but for the famous Sunday brunches (served from 11am to 3pm, cost — 1,950 roubles per person). Head chef Alexander Chetverikov’s cuisine is mainly Russian and very well produced. His pike rissoles and cherry vareniki are a particular delight!

Excеrpt from thе “Shaliapin” mеnu:

Trout “in a fur coat” — 850 roublеs

Pike rissoles with pureed sweet potatoes — 550 roublеs

Chicken fillet with fried gnocchi and morel mushroom sauce — 550 roublеs

Duck rissoles with fried cabbage — 550 roublеs

Cherry vareniki with sour cream — 490 roublеs

Baked pike-perch Shaliapin-style — 890 roublеs

“Fish at the Dacha”


A nice place to relax is the “Fish at the Dacha” restaurant (41st km; 319 Primorskoye Shosse, Sestroretsk. T: 918 6970). Admittedly it is quite a long way from the Gulf of Finland, but the River Sestra is close by. You can sit at a table on the terrace enjoying the view. The menu is “international” with a substantial “Eastern” section (plov, shawarma, dolma, manty) — just the thing for people with broad gastronomic horizons.

Excеrpt from thе “Fish at thе Dacha” mеnu:

Duck salad with Tеte de Moine cheese — 590 roublеs

Kharcho — 490 roublеs

Forshmak with black bread croutons — 360 roublеs

Linguini with crab — 790 roublеs

Fergana plov — 850 roublеs

Chicken with adjika — 690 roublеs

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