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New Year always poses a dilemma for restaurateurs: whether to give their staff time off to celebrate at home with their families or to organize their own celebration so that their guests have a good time with excellent food. The latter alternative is more difficult, but also more interesting.

Belmond Grand Hotel Europe

The widest range of New Year programmes, as usual, will be at the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe (1/7 Mikhailovskaya Ul. T: (921) 908 9000). It is a good thing that the hotel has plenty of room for all this diversity. The AZIA restaurant, for instance, is offering a New Year dinner with the romantic title “The Geisha’s Kiss”. There will certainly be dancing geishas in silk kimonos, as well as live music and deejay sets. And, of course, there will be an exquisite Pan-Asian meal prepared by head chef Larisa Kordik. The menu will include: marinated scallop with sea urchin caviar and foam of seaweed and coconut, roll of prime beef and foie gras with kimchi, Hong Kong steamed bao buns with Kamchatka crab and salmon caviar, wokfried venison with vegetables and a five-pepper sauce, etc. The price is 12,500 roubles per person (8,750 roubles for children from 7 to 17). A welcome cocktail will be served at 10 pm.

Characters from Gogol’s stories will come to life in the musical-gastronomic New Year show in the Europa Restaurant and the Caviar Bar. To be more accurate, just one character — the Nose, who will entice guests into a world of subtle flavours and haute cuisine. The programme includes an exquisite five-course meal (with wines to go with each course) by head chef Sergey Andreyev: hot-smoked sturgeon with Imperial sturgeon and sea urchin caviar, foie gras and pureed apple with the flavour of Calvados, nut and apple crumble and apple jelly, ravioli with tiger prawns, black caviar and crawfish cappuccino, Chilean sea bass with mini-zucchini, molluscs and citrus-saffron veloute and other delicacies. The price is 53,500 roubles per person in the Europa Restaurant and 49,500 roubles in the Caviar Bar. Guests should assemble at 9 pm. Children under seven are not admitted.

In the Krysha Ballroom guests can make merry to disco hits and enjoy a New Year buffet in the form of a smorgasbord. Sergey Andreyev has included in the menu a wide selection of popular dishes from various European countries. The price is 28,000 roubles per person (19,600 roubles for children from 7 to 17). Guests should assemble at 9 pm.


Finally, the Grand Hotel Europe’s Lobby Bar will feature a real gastronomic potpourri to live music by a jazz band. Head chef Roman Polityko has prepared three alternative New Year meals. The first — “Russian Table” (6,200 roubles per person) — includes “Olivier” salad with ox tongue and “Mimosa”, plus a selection of fish hors d’oeuvres. The second — “In Luxury Style” (19,990 roubles) — features Kamchatka crab Romanov-style with a sauce of champagne and red caviar, as well as sturgeon and beluga caviar (10 g of each) with traditional garnishes. The third — “Asian Mood” (7,500 roubles) — comprises crispy rolls with crab and tom yam sauce, steamed bun with duck and emerald sea bass with vegetables. Each dish is designed for two people. Tables of up to four people can be reserved with a deposit of 20,000 roubles from 9 pm. Unlimited champagne from 11 pm to 1 am.



The New Year party at the “Astoria” restaurant (Astoria Hotel. 39 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul. T: 494 5757) will also be accompanied by jazz, but the gastronomic component of the evening here is undoubtedly far more important. The French head chef David Ayrault has prepared a very intricate festive menu (22,000 roubles per person; 50% discount for children under 12). It includes tandoori scallop with salmonero sauce and mango chutney, lobster cappuccino with grilled sweetcorn, morel mushrooms and estragon, Chilean sea bass with white mushroom risotto and veloute of artichokes, and other delicacies. Guests should assemble at 9 pm.



A noisy and merry Italian-style New Year will be staged at the “Borsalino” restaurant (Angleterre Hotel, 24 Malaya Morskaya Ul. T: 494 5666). The celebration with the watchword “Be Italian!” will begin at 9 pm with a performance by drummer girls at the entrance to the restaurant and will continue inside with bravura music, dancing, sparkling Prosecco and a superb supper. The brilliant Parisian head chef Serge Fery and the no less magnificent confectionery chef Yulia Ivanova have prepared an impressive New Year buffet: smoked eel with olive tapenade, classic caprese salad, octopus salad, an assortment of meat and fish delicacies, beef tartare, vitello tonnato, parmigiana, rack of lamb in green breading, saltimbocca on a bed of green peas, peach tart with mascarpone, etc. The price is from 14,000 to 18,000 roubles per person depending on the position of the table (children under 6 will be admitted free of charge and those from 6 to 12 at half price).



A grand gastronomic journey around regions of Italy awaits guests at “Percorso” (1 Voznesensky Pr. T: (911) 084 8905). The restaurant’s head chef Valerio Andrisani has prepared a festive selection of the most outstanding dishes in his collection of recipes: homemade cavatelli pasta with octopus and truffle oil, sea devil with fondant of Jerusalem artichoke and fresh herbs, sponge with pecorino, Sakhalin scallops and powder of taggiasca olives, etc. The price of 42,500 roubles per person includes a welcome cocktail, red and white wine and a glass of champagne with traditional accompaniments at midnight. Guests should assemble at 8 pm.


Gourmets will definitely find something to delight them at “Arcobaleno” (Domina St. Petersburg Hotel, 54 Bolshaya Morskaya Ul. T: 385 1292). The resaurant’s head chef Sergey Maslov has placed the accent in his New Year menu on Russian, French and Italian cuisine: Kamchatka crab salad with honey and lemon dressing, sous-vide salmon with horseradish mousse, sole on a bed of spinach with cedar nuts and a quail’s egg, breast of guinea-fowl on the bone with piquillo pepper filled with ricotta cheese... All this will be accompanied by Spanish rhythms and deejay sets. A deposit of 7,000 roubles per person is required. Guests should assemble by 9.30 pm.

“Corinthia St. Petersburg” Hotel


The organizers of the New Year event at the “Corinthia St. Petersburg” Hotel (57 Nevsky Pr. T: 380 2001) have remembered that next year is the Year of Russian Ballet. This explains the choice of theme for the festive show in the “Imperial” restaurant and the Russian motifs in the menu. The team of chefs will prepare, among other delicacies, Kamchatka crab salad with smoked salmon and rocket lettuce, prawn pelmeni with hints of lemongrass, sesame seeds and seafood bisque, steak of yellowfin tuna in a pepper crust with pureed potatoes, basil, baby spinach and mango sauce... The price is 14,500 roubles per person. The event begins at 9 pm.

“Flying Dutchman”


An outstanding programme of entertainment is planned at the “Flying Dutchman” restaurant complex (6 Mytninskaya Nab., by Birzhevoy Bridge. T: 313 8866). Guests can enjoy performances by Igor Kornelyuk and “Russky Razmer” and by actors of various genres. The event will be compered by Ilana Yurieva of the “Urals Pelmeni” show and Mikhail Tarabukin from the “Kitchen” serial. For the youngest guests there will be a children’s room with entertainers and a special menu. The price of an “adult” ticket is 20,000 roubles. Guests should assemble at 11 pm.

“Mamalyga in Leninsky”

Lovers of Russian popular music will also enjoy the New Year party at “Mamalyga in Leninsky” (84/1 Leninsky Pr. T: 640 1616). It will take the form of a New Year carnival featuring Tatiana Bulanova. Izo Dzandzava’s menu will include classic dishes of Russian and Georgian cuisine, from “Olivier” salad and satsivi to salmon shasliks cooked over hot coals. The price is from 12,000 to 15,000 roubles per person (5,000 roubles for children). Guests should assemble at 10 pm.



Hits of Russian and foreign popular music will grace the New Year celebrations at “RoseMary” (14 Sytninskaya Ul. T: 232 6640), but the principal “character” will undoubtedly be the restaurant’s special menu devised by chef Alexander Knyazev: “Olivier” salad with Kamchatka crab meat, wakame seaweed and red caviar, julienne of squid with crawfish tails, Karelian trout in aromatic herbs with sea scallop sauce, cedar nut sponge with mascarpone... The price is 7,000 roubles per person (3,000 roubles for children under 14). The event begins at 10 pm.

“Russian Fishing”

A nostalgic note will be struck in the cultural programme at “Russian Fishing” (11 Yuzhnaya Doroga, Krestovsky Island. T: 633 0200). The evening, entitled “New Year Zest or Back to the USSR” will feature hits from the time of discos, pioneers and fashion-followers, a firework display and a disco — plus, of course, “stars from overseas”. A children’s room with a nanny will be provided for the restaurant’s smallest guests. The menu devised by head chef Sergey Selivanov will include suguday of Yenisey whitefish with herbs and condiments and puree of baked celery, rabbit roulade with Antonovka apples and a port and foxberry glaze, salad of sea perch with soft cheese on potato waffles, pork flank baked in a wood-burning stove in red wine sauce with spices and crumbly buckwheat kasha with onion, and other delicious dishes. Tickets cost from 6,000 roubles. Guests should assemble between 10.30 and 11 pm.



The “Brichmula” restaurant (13/1 Komendantsky Pr. T: 640 1616) invites guests to a “Kingsman Party”. The programme will include cover versions of the year’s dance hits, a burlesque dance show, a laser show, games and presents. Tickets cost from 13,000 to 15,000 roubles per person (5,000 roubles for children from 4 to 14, 9,000 roubles for those between 15 and 18). The menu will consist of Georgian, Central Asian and European dishes: khachapuri with smoked suluguni cheese, samsa with chicken and lamb, Uzbek plov, beef brisket with baby potatoes, etc. Guests should assemble at 10 pm.



“Silver Fairytales & Eastern Wonders. Vol. 2018” is the title of the festive programme at “Baku” (12/23 Sadovaya Ul. T: 910 7625). The restaurant’s guests will be put in the right mood by the “Anfeya” ballet show, illusionist Igor Naryshkin, the “Kavkaz” dance group and top-class musicians. Head chef Emil Kovtun is responsible for the gastronomic component. Tickets cost from 9,000 roubles. Guests should assemble at 10 pm.



“New Year’s Eve with the Whole World” is the theme of the festive show at the “Puberty” restaurant (47 Vyborgskaya Nab. T: 941 3320). Guests will be treated to a kaleidoscope of culturalgeographical stylizations seasoned with live music, a light show, an illusionist’s tricks and other entertaining items. As for the gastronomic component, each guest can compile his or her own meal from the menu provided (Japanese and European cuisine). Tickets cost from 1,000 roubles per person. Guests should assemble at 10 pm.



Anyone planning to see in the New Year outside the city should definitely consider the “Podvorye” restaurant (18 Filtrovskoye Shosse, Pavlovsk. T: 454 5464), where there will be a bright folklore programme (including a Cossack choir) and an interesting menu featuring hit dishes of Russian cuisine (the price is 18,000 roubles per person). The festive table will include minced pike-perch filled with quail with raspberry sauce, mushroom pate, various salted items, sterlet baked with crawfish sauce and... a “Large Hot Still Life” cooked in the oven. Guests will be greeted from 10 pm onwards.

“Pevcheskaya Bashnya”


Another interesting alternative will be the New Year party at “Pevcheskaya Bashnya” (“Singers’ Tower”) (7 Litseysky Pr., Pushkin. T: 901 0808). Chef Alexander Kiryushin has devised a very different New Year table: Indian green salad with mint and lime dressing and paneer cheese, spring rolls, salmon smoked whole, baked leg of pork, leg of lamb, aubergines with peanuts, caprese salad Odessa-style, etc. A special entertainment programme will be provided for children. Tickets cost 10,000 roubles for adults and 5,000 roubles for children from 7 to 16. Guests should assemble at 10 pm.

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