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The awards ceremony for the WHERETOEAT St. Petersburg Restaurant Prize 2017 sponsored by “Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino” — the fifth year the event has been held — took place at the 5-star Astoria Hotel on 22 November.

WHERETOEAT is a professional event and, at the same time, a great celebration. On one hand all those present are concerned about where their beloved restaurants will be placed in the new ratings, but on the other hand it is an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues in an informal atmosphere, as well as taking a close look at potential partners and staff. What’s more, where else in St. Petersburg could you see such a number of welldressed (literally — in suits and dinner jackets) chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers and journalists (no allowances are made for the wordsmiths on this score)? It is a celebration, a guest-night where everyone invited is more than welcome and there are no interlopers, and where the award of the prizes is more a collection of sketches than an official ceremony (one must mention in this context the brilliant compering by the Moscow journalist and gourmet traveller Gennady Iozefavichus in company with Sasha Sutormina, who was voted Best Restaurant Reviewer at WHERETOEAT Moscow 2017).

Of course the most eagerly awaited part of the evening was the announcement of the Best Restaurants rating. On the day before we had known only the short list of fifty restaurants, but the position of each of them in the ratings was kept secret right to the end. Here are the top ten restaurants in the new rating (last year’s positions in brackets):

1. Tartarbar (4)

2. CoCoCo (5)

3. Jerome (12)

4. Il Lago dei Cigni (1)

5. Probka (2)

6. EM (8)

7. Percorso (3)

8. Hamlet + Jacks (10)

9. BeefZavod ( - )

10. Mansarda (14)

The results of the voting of the panel of experts in the special nominations also proved to be of great interest. For the second year running the “Chef of the Year” award went to Dmitry Blinov, who along with Renat Malikov runs the Tartarbar, winner of this year’s Best Restaurant award (and also the Duo Gastrobar and Duo Asia). The success of Evgeny Shamov (“BeefZavod”) in the “Sommelier of the Year” nomination was expected — who could be more deserving than the current Russian champion? A pleasant surprise was the victory of Alexey Dudin, a journalist with WHERE St. Petersburg, in the “Best Restaurant Reviewer” nomination: the competition for this prize was as fierce as ever. The journalists, by the way, chose the best not only from their own ranks but also among the restaurants of St. Petersburg, and here the majority of votes went to Eduard Muradian’s “EM”.

For the first time in the history of the prize a trophy was awarded in the nomination for “Best Street Food Project” — it went to “Bekitzer”, a restaurant specializing in Israeli street food. The editorial staff of WHERE St. Petersburg awarded their prize to the “Atelier Tapas & Bar”. The concierges from the Les Clefs D’Or International Association voted for Aram Mnatsakanov’s “Probka” restaurant. This year’s award “For Contribution to the Development of a Restaurant Culture” was won by the chef and showman Alexander Belkovich.


General Partners of WHERETOEAT 2017: Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino, Astoria Hotel.

Partners: Imperial Porcelain Factory, Russian Caviar House, UTair, official BMV dealer Avtodom, Bosco di Ciliegi Family, Nespresso Coffee Capsules and Coffee Machines, Yanyshev Exclusive Teas, Altek Group of Companies, OTIDO Group, Wilart Manufacturing Company, ECOFISH Holding, CorpFlowers floral service, Club Med, Silja Line, Simple Group of Companies.

General Information Partners: WHERE St. Petersburg, RBK St. Petersburg, “Gastronom”.

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Official Supplement: “Afisha-Restorany”.

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