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“Karl and Friedrich”

Watching football on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Where are the best places to “limber up” with interesting food and stock up with calories in the areas around the Fan Zone in Konyushennaya Square and the “St. Petersburg” stadium?

“Il Lago dei Cigni”

There are not too many interesting places to eat close to the city’s main football arena. The one that stands out is the award-winning “Il Lago dei Cigni” Italian restaurant (Letter B, 21 Krestovsky Pr. T: 602 0707). Dmitry Trushkin’s new summer menu includes, in particular, carpaccio of octopus with fresh celery and fennel, truffle-flavoured noodles with a head of cheese, sea scallops with pureed truffles and “chateau” veal steak in truffle sauce.


The menu at the “Chaika” floating restaurant (opposite 40 Nab. Martynova. T: 919 4273) is interesting, above all, for its variety of cuisine — Russian, Italian, American, Caucasian, Japanese, Pan-Asian… Football fans will probably find the noodles and shashliks to their taste.

“Karl and Friedrich” / “Alpenhaus”

If your main aim is to enjoy good home-brewed beer, you could do no better than go to “Karl and Friedrich” (15 Yuzhnaya Doroga. T: 633 0303) or the neighbouring “Alpenhaus” (17 Yuzhnaya Doroga. T: 633 0088). Both are just a stone’s throw from the stadium.

“Royal Beach”

The “Royal Beach” restaurant (14 Yuzhnaya Doroga. T: 677 7935) serves high-quality original cuisine in chef Igor Yevlevsky’s interpretation. The special “football” menu includes fillet of whitefish Moroccan-style, chicken fillet in sesame seeds with spicy chutney, seafood paella…

“Jamie’s Italian”

There is a much greater choice of restaurants near the Fan Zone, and you will not have to walk far to check out the first of them: “Jamie’s Italian” is in the square itself (2 Konyushennaya Pl. T: 640 1616). The restaurant serves Italian cuisine based on the original recipes of British chef Jamie Oliver (the process is supervised by Italian Matteo Lai). The menu for the World Cup will include special offers for groups — a “large snack board” with mini-burgers, croquettes with spinach, barbecued chicken wings and all kinds of Italian delicacies.

“Amo Cucinare”

At “Amo Cucinare” (5 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Ul. T: (931) 232 0010) the brand chef Claudio di Bernardi from the Grand Hotel Rimini has tried to bring a relaxing atmosphere and the style of the famous Italian resort. A number of the dishes are not to be found anywhere else in the city — for instance, tagliatelle with prawns and octopus in tomato sauce with pancetta and vermouth.


There is also an interesting menu at “Una” (21-23 Bolshaya Konyushennaya Ul . T: 922 1752), where the cuisine has recently been in the hands of the Estonian chef Rustam Chikalovets. The restaurant nominally serves Mediterranean cuisine, but the interpretation is very unusual. Good examples of this are “60° salmon with tartare of apple and celery” and “Hot jellied boar meat with chanterelle foam”.

“Hamlet & Jacks”

An intelligent and varied menu is available in “Hamlet & Jacks” (2 Volynsky Per. T: 907 0735), whose head chef Evgeny Vikentyev has long been known as an exciting innovator. The basic products are simple and well known, but what the chefs do with them is incredible. Try , for instance, the mysterious “From Roots to Cake” (beetroot cheesecake, spicy shortcake, icecream and baked potato, carrot and mandarin peel).


If you want something simple and comprehensible but very well prepared, try “Myasorubka” (5 Nab. Kanala Griboyedova. T: 928 5518). The restaurant is renowned for its luscious burgers and steaks (classic and alternative) at unbelievably reasonable prices.

“Flying Dutchman”

The “Flying Dutchman” restaurant-ship (6 Mytninskaya Nab. T: 313 8866) is some distance away from the noise of the Fan Zone, but it would be a good place to go in the intervals between matches — it would give you the chance to stroll along the bridges and embankments, discussing the last match with your friends and cooling your fiery emotions somewhat. The menu features not only Russian, European and Japanese cuisine, but also dishes cooked on a Brazilian grill. Expensive but satisfying.

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