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Watching football in a nice pub is a pleasure in itself. For one thing there is a roof over your head, so bad weather will not bother you, and you can enjoy good food and drink. Also, of course, there is the “fan effect” — almost the same as being in the stadium.

Many restaurateurs have realized this and have spared no expense in installing excellent sound equipment, video projectors and plasma panels.

“Manneken Pis”

At the “Manneken Pis” beer café (5 Kazanskaya Ul. T: 960 2675), which specializes in Belgian cuisine and can accommodate 110 diners, gourmet football fans have six plasma televisions with big screens at their disposal. You can eat Liege waffles and intricately prepared mussels, drink excellent Belgian beer and enjoy the football.

Excеrpt from thе “Mannеkеn Pis” mеnu

Flemish grilled meat — 480 roublеs

Toothfish steak with vegetables and teriyaki sauce — 650 roublеs

Moules marinieres (390 g) — 520 roublеs

“Marseilles” fish soup — 390 roublеs

Black burger with chicken fillet, bacon and mozzarella — 480 roublеs


Excellent conditions are provided for football fans at the “Puberty” restaurant-brewery (47 Vyborgskaya Nab. T: 333 2020). The main area, which seats 250 people, is surrounded by fifteen 43-inch plasma panels and there is a large video projector in the middle of the restaurant. There is also a TV in the 12-seat VIP room (it should be booked in advance.)

Excеrpt from thе “Pubеrty” mеnu:

Shank — 1190 roublеs

Chicken wings — 460 roublеs

Burger grill — 540 roublеs

Chicken tabak — 720 roublеs

Black spaghetti with salmon, mussels and red caviar — 610 roublеs


There are also plenty of screens at the “Bretzel” beer restaurant (4 Ul. Tchaikovskogo. T: 936 0646) — eight in all. This is quite logical, as the restaurant consists of four rooms with varying capacities (51, 30, 20 and 8) and it is necessary for each table to have a good view of a screen. Advance booking by telephone is essential (not later than half an hour before a match and with a deposit of 1,000 roubles per seat).

Excеrpt from thе “Brеtzеl” mеnu:

Borodino waffle (with “torn” hot-smoked salmon, soft cheese and sour cream) — 440 roublеs

Beer tartare of Angus beef — 490 roublеs

Tafelspitz steak — 990 roublеs

Bavarian sausages — 520 roublеs

Bismarck ragout (served in a frying-pan) — 570 roublеs


A little less than ten screens of various sizes will be showing the football at the cult Irish pub “Mollie’s” (36 Ul. Rubinsteina. T: 570 3768). Probably the most comfortable place to watch is as far as possible from the entrance. Advance booking is strongly advised.

Excеrpt from thе “Molliе’s” mеnu:

Japanese-style prawns — 490 roublеs

“Molly Salmon” salad — 410 roublеs

Meat strudel — 420 roublеs

Beef in pepper sauce with “chateau” potatoes — 440 roublеs

Chicken burrito — 480 roublеs


Those who prefer a smaller place with a closely packed and friendly atmosphere could choose “Pubnik” (47 Bolshoy Pr., P.S. T: (900) 651 2017). There are only two screens, but that is quite enough as they can be easily seen and heard from anywhere in the bar — even when the place is absolutely full (40-50 people). The best seats, needless to say, are at the bar.

Excеrpt from thе “Pubnik” mеnu:

Elardzhi meatballs in bazhe sauce — 290 roublеs

Meatballs — 350 roublеs

Halibut with “chateau” root vegetables — 390 roublеs

Falafel with vegetables — 350 roublеs

Beef with baked vegetables — 390 roublеs

“The 8th Line Pub”

Watching football matches at “The 8th Line Pub” (Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky, 11—13 8th Line, V. O. T: 335 2294) is very popular. For that reason, during the World Cup it will be possible to visit the pub only by reserving a table in advance (a down payment is required for groups of five or more). The pub, designed for fifty people, has one wide-format screen and four plasma panels around the perimeter.

Excеrpt from “Thе 8th Linе Pub” mеnu:

Sprats, herring and mackerel with egg and rye toast — 350 roublеs

Russian burger (beef patty with white mushroom and chanterelle sauce served on a rye-wheat roll with Russian vodka) — 890 roublеs

Florentine steak (striploin) with rocket lettuce and Porto sauce — 1,300 roublеs

“Reliable Team” (spicy wheat crisps, vegetable spring rolls, crispy prawn pelmeni) — 550 roublеs

Pork sausages (served with braised cabbage and mustard) — 570 roublеs


Another similarly successful place for watching matches in a group is the “Bierstube” in the Courtyard Marriott St. Petersburg Pushkin Hotel (166 Nab. Kanala Griboyedova. T: 291 3080), which can comfortably accommodate 90 football fans. It has a projector, a LCD TV and five smaller panels.

Excеrpt from thе “Biеrstubе” mеnu:

Marriot Burger — 990 roublеs

Club Sandwich with chicken — 790 roublеs

Mergues (beef & lamb) — 620 roublеs

Bratwurst (pork & chicken) — 620 roublеs

Currywurst (chicken) — 620 roublеs


The “Bruxelles” Belgian gastrobar (20 Ul. Vosstaniya. T: 944 0336), which can accommodate 125 people, will have two rooms for watching football: one large screen in the “small” room and five in the “large” room. For the most important matches some tables can be reserved under special conditions (with a prepayment).

Excеrpt from thе “Bruxеllеs” mеnu:

Liege salad with pancetta and poached egg — 470 roublеs

Flemish beef ragout — 670 roublеs

Grilled steak with coffee sauce — 850 roublеs

Half a farm-reared chicken — 630 roublеs

Waterzooi with seafood — 590 roublеs


Football fans will have a veranda and three rooms (approximately 120 seats) at their disposal at the “Waterloo” gastrobar (12 Ul. Rubinsteina. T: 910 1911). The matches will be shown on six screens. On certain days seats can be reserved only with an advance payment.

Excеrpt from thе “Watеrloo” mеnu:

Forshmak of Olyutor herring — 370 roublеs

Julienne with Black Sea rapa whelks — 390 roublеs

Portobello mushrooms with truffle sour cream — 390 roublеs

Veal goulash soup — 390 roublеs

Salmon with quinoa and dill sauce — 790 roublеs

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