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Dance Transformations

“Cardboard” © Oleg Zyryanov (provided by the festival’s press service)

In August OPEN LOOK, Russia’s oldest and most important festival of contemporary dance, celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

For all those years the organizers have worked tirelessly to bring outstanding dance companies to the festival, have promoted original, sometimes openly extravagant dance forms and have presented new names in the world of contemporary dance. The anniversary programme will be no exception. The performances will take place from 14 to 18 August on the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre (49A Nab. Reki Fontanki. T: 401 5341), at the Bryantsev Young People’s Theatre (1 Pionerskaya Pl. T: 712 4102), on the beach at Peter and Paul Fortress (Map: D2) and at the Street Art Museum (84 Shosse Revolutsii T: 244 1494).

“Discourses on ‘The Rite of Spring’. The Image of a Rose” © Aiden Hwang (provided by the festival’s press service)

On 14 August the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company will perform in Russia for the first time. In “Discourses on ‘The Rite of Spring’. The Image of a Rose” choreographer Ahn Sungsoo produces an organic blend of the movements of traditional Korean dance and contemporary dance, interpreting rhythm in such a way that the dance movements and breathing are a transformation of the sounds of drums.

“Birth of the Phoenix” (provided by the festival’s press service)

A show-performance entitled “Birth of the Phoenix” will be given by Vertigo, one of the leading dance companies in Israel, on the beach at Peter and Paul Fortress. Inside a geodesic dome against the background of the actual landscape of the city an amazingly beautiful and unique dance performance will be born out of ashes and disappear at sunset.

“Waiting for Godot” © Vasil Yaroshevich (provided by the festival’s press service)

A separate part of the festival programme will feature the works of Russian choreographers and residents of the Cannon Dance Studio. They will include “The Thunderstorm” by Ksenia Mikheeva, the premiere of “in neutrino” by Oleg Stepanov and the Natalya Kasparova Studio, a joint project of “Waiting for Godot” by Ksenia Mikheva and Valeria Kasparova, a new work by the Sasha Kukin Dance Theatre entitled “Gravitation”, “Cardboard” by the doyen of Russian contemporary dance Olga Pona, and the recent premiere of the “Ballet Moscow” Theatre “In the Routine of Waiting for Godot” and “Universe DQ”.

ZERO © Donata Kukyte (provided by the festival’s press service)

The festival will finish on 18 August with two outstanding programmes. The first will be the mesmerizing “ZERO” production with unusual sound and lighting by the British Humanhood company. It is like a ritual journey into a fantastic world of imagination and beauty. The second will be a joint production by the Russian AXE Theatre and the KANA Theatre from Poland entitled “Filling in the Blanks”. The audience will see lyrical scenes of the relationship between a man and a woman played out in containers.

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