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“L Terrassa”

No-one would seriously dispute that St. Petersburg is the most beautiful city in the world, and it is a special pleasure to contemplate this beauty from a high vantage point and from very different perspectives…

“Etage 41”

The highest gastronomic point in the Northern Capital (until the forthcoming opening of the Lakhta Centre, that is) is “Etage 41” (3/2 Pl. Konstitutsii. T: 937 4141). The view from the restaurant is stunning. Granted the main sights in the city centre are quite a long distance away, but Pulkovo Airport is clearly visible. Watching the aircraft landing and taking off is a very meditative occupation. As far as the cuisine is concerned, chef Artur Yarovsky offers a mixture of Italian, Russian and Pan-Asian dishes. Try, for example, the salmon tataki with sesame seed dressing or the spring roll with crab.

“La Vue”

The panoramic “La Vue” restaurant (5/2 Pirogovskaya Nab. T: 633 0646) is much closer to the heart of the city — on the very top of the “St. Petersburg” Hotel. Through its enormous windows (and also from the covered and outdoor terraces) customers can admire the cruiser “Aurora” and the Nakhimov Naval College, Liteiny and Troitsky Bridges, the boats and river buses plying along the Neva… Chef Nikita Sechin has a very creative attitude to the process of preparing food: many of the dishes are a real joy to behold. The menu consists mainly of Mediterranean cuisine with a light Asian flavour. The restaurant also holds “Truffle Wednesdays” and “Oyster Thursdays” — well worth a visit.

“L Terrassa”

But probably the most stunning view of the city is at “L Terrassa” (2 Per. Antonenko. T: 336 1000), the summer terrace of the Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg. It is all so convenient that you do not have to particularly look up or down: St. Isaac’s Square with Montferrand’s splendid creation stands before you in all its glory. You will never forgive yourself if you do not take a photograph, nor if you do not sample the original cuisine of Anatoly Ivanov, one of the city’s most experienced chefs. Dishes that are particularly worth trying are fillet of salmon in maple syrup, tuna tataki with wasabi sauce and saute of lamb with aubergine pate.

“HI-SO Terrace”

St. Isaac’s Cathedral can be seen from a slightly different angle from the “HI-SO Terrace” of the SO St. Petersburg Hotel (6 Voznesensky Pr. T: 610 6155). However, the main sights visible from here are, of course, the Admiralty and the Alexandrovsky Garden in front of it — it would be difficult to find a better place to admire these views. Chef Anton Kotov, who has worked with the celebrated Alain Ducasse, invites his customers to accompany their admiration with hit dishes from various countries: risotto with white mushrooms, tom yam, gazpacho, tiger prawns in batter, tuna tartare…

“Bellevue Brasserie”

A view of Palace Square, the Winter Palace and the surrounding multicoloured roofs can be enjoyed from the terrace of the “Bellevue Brasserie” on the top floor of the Kempinski Moika 22 Hotel (22 Nab. Reki Moiki. T: 335 9111). Christophe Laplaza is one of the few chefs in St. Petersburg who prepares classic French cuisine. Try the terrine of venison with foie gras and home-salted vegetables or the fillet of turbot with lemon confit, darphin potatoes and clams. With champagne, naturally!


There are also some interesting panoramic restaurants on the Petrograd Side — first and foremost “Makaronniki” (7th Floor, Arena Hall Business Centre, 16/2a Pr. Dobrolyubova. T: 677 6088). Regular customers particularly appreciate the views in the evening — the setting sun (and the nearby Petrovsky Stadium), the Malaya Neva and Prince Vladimir Cathedral. The cuisine is also interesting, with very original interpretations of Italian cuisine (the restaurant’s owner and head chef Denis Sutormin has for a long time taken consultations from the Roman avant-garde specialist Andrea Dolciotti). Dishes to try: carbonara Roman-style and cheesecake with gorgonzola.


In its turn, “Ryba” (River House Business Centre, 5 Ul. Akademika Pavlova. T: 918 6969) offers a view of the Bolshaya Nevka and the Vyborg Side on the opposite bank of the river. The cuisine is Italian, almost like home cooking (if you do not count the ubiquitous sushi and rolls). It is just how restaurateur Aram Mnatsakanov likes it. Chef Dmitry Nazarikh prepares, in particular, dorado with risotto and artichokes, gnocchi with smoked duck, fettuccini with white mushrooms and cream…


The “Nevesomost” restaurant (37 Bolshoy Pr., P.S. T: 332 4664) is situated roughly halfway between these two St. Petersburg landmarks, on the Vvedensky Hotel’s top floor. There are no rivers close by, but there is an interesting view of the surrounding streets and roofs from the terrace of the restaurant. It also has a bioscope, through which distant places of interest can be seen: Peter and Paul Cathedral, St. Isaac’s, etc. Chef Ignat Gavrilov specializes in intricate “twists” on the theme of Mediterranean cuisine. Try, for instance, trout baked in milk on a bed of quinoa with spinach and cream of kohlrabi or fake ravioli of beetroot with chicken pate.


A view of Lakhta is the trump card of the recently opened “Yunost” restaurant (21 Ul. Savushkina. T: 640 1616). The cuisine is eclectic, as is traditional for Ginza Project restaurants, with an abundance of Georgian specialities (brand chef: Izo Dzandzava). It is worth ordering gebzhalia, “Kharkalia” lobio, chashushuli or chkmeruli.

“Sky Bar”

A very interesting restaurant from a cognitive point of view is the “Sky Bar” (43/1 Lermontovsky Pr. T: 740 2999) on the top floor of the Azimuth Hotel. The panoramic view from there is extraordinarily wide, with everything close at hand: Trinity-Izmailovsky Cathedral, St. Isaac’s, St. Nicholas’s Cathedral, the Fontanka, the Obvodny Canal and everything between them. Chef Evgeny Safonov offers a blend of Spanish, Italian, Latin American and Pan-Asian cuisine. The menu includes chilli con carne, poke of fillet of salmon in spicy sauce and jasmine rice, ravioli with smoked aubergines and parmesan foam…


The “Barashki” restaurant on the fifth floor of the “PIK” Shopping and Entertainment Centre (2 Ul. Efimova. T: 903 6699) offers a fine view of St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the roofs between it and Sennaya Square. The menu compiled by the new chef Oleg Pyatakov (formerly at “Kurorty”) features Mediterranean, Russian and Pan-Asian cuisine. Lentil soup with coconut milk and veal cheeks, Mediterranean seafood soup, leg of duck confit with pureed potatoes and celery, tagliata of beef with potatoes and truffle sauce… Classic dishes intelligently prepared.


Tranquil views can be enjoyed from the roof terraces of restaurants near “Chernyshevskaya” Metro station. “Blok” (Leningrad Centre, 4 Potemkinskaya Ul. T: 415 4040) actually has two terraces facing in different directions, so customers can choose their own “picture”. Some may like to contemplate Smolny Cathedral and the Tavrichesky Garden, while others may prefer the roofs “running” down to the Neva and Liteiny Prospekt. However, there are no different preferences among customers on the gastronomic side: they come here for the meat cuisine. Besides tartares and steaks there is Caucasian khashlama, blini with ox tails, tom yam pasta and red cabbage mousse, pheasant rissoles with foxberry sauce…

“Vino & Voda”

And on the terrace of “Vino & Voda” (“Wine and Water”) (17 Ul. Chaykovskogo. T: 454 5577) on the roof of the Hotel Indigo St. Petersburg — Tchaikovskogo you can admire the Neva, the cruiser “Aurora”, Peter and Paul Fortress and the Saviouron-the Blood Church (a telescope is provided for a more detailed view of the surroundings). The menu from permanent chef Igor Pecherkin features various cuisines: Russian, Vietnamese, Thai and Georgian. Investigate, for example, sea scallops with vegetables in oyster sauce and jasmine rice, kharcho Megrelian-style or salad with tuna in its own juice with lemongrass and kaffir lime. Harmony is somewhere close by.

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