Saint Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg / Italian Cuisine


16 Pr. Dobrolyubova
677 6088
Makaronniki: Dining, Saint-Petersburg

Cuisine: Italian Cuisine
Average check: 16-35 $
Open: noon-11:30 pm
Скидки: 15 % discount from noon to 3:30 pm on weekdays

Cosy Italian restaurant under a glass dome on the roof offering an incomparable view of Prince Vladimir Cathedral and observation point with a view of historic St. Petersburg. Dishes prepared to traditional Italian recipes and original inventions. New dishes from Italian chef Andrea Dolciotti from Rome: Beef tartare with mustard ice-cream, pike-perch with mousse of baked potato and capocollo crisps, Ganache of cauliflower and white chocolate. 15 % discount from noon to 5 pm on weekdays. Large summer terrace and hammocks.

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October 2018

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