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3 Universitetskaya Nab. (entry from Tamozhenny Per.)
328 1412
Kunstkamera: Museums, Saint-Petersburg

Type: St. Petersburg Museums
Open: Tu-Su (except the last Tu of each month) 10 am-6 pm (the ticket office closes at 5 pm)

The Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera) of Russian Academy of Sciences was the first state museum in Russia, founded by order of Peter I in 1714. The tower of the historical building features displays about the history of Russian science in the 18th century and the Gottorp Globe-Planetarium (1664). It is one of the largest museums of natural science in the world: its reserves contain around 1,800,000 ethnographic, anthropological and archaeological exhibits, illustrating the traditional culture and history of peoples of the world.

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